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Meet Local Students

They are students who studying in different Universities in Danang ! So friendly - sociable - open minded - enthusiastic - willing to learn.

Free tours around Danang city

HomeTown will provide you with free tours in a half day or a full day depending on your schedule.

Ease of access to Vietnamese's culture

Learn more about geography - the history - tradition - customs as well as the lifestyle of our country.

What else we have ?

Friendly and Cheap accommodation

Homestay - Hostel - Hotel with nice view and clean

Exchange languages with people

Become a Teacher or Student depending on your interests

Help the local community better

Join to "Clean Up event" - "Charity event" - "Build up" ....

Do you want to...

Become part of us, join in guiding foreign tourist.

Join the marginal activities alongside with the HT's members to improve your skills and develop your English level ?


Kelvin Tran


Tony Truong



What our GUEST say

Da Nang is a great place to see but better than the place was the people at HomeTown and these folk are awesome!! These guys give the best tours in the world and I mean that.

Julian Batrom
from New zealand

Soooo... I get some volunteer's help to look around in some part of the city and use my time much more efficient that just walking alone. We went to some usual place but afterwards we had a dinner, looked around in a market and took some photos at the bridges. I always had guidance what to see or what worth visiting or just what is the history of the place... so I had a great time with them and made my day! thanks to Do, Thuy, Hau again

from Hungary

The free tour was so great, tour guides took us to lots of wonderful places such as local cuisine, museum, bamboo village and local market. If u want to come to Danang, make sure u will contact with these awesome guys.

Steve Chao
from Taiwan

This is the best tour I have ever been on!
Because when you book a paid tour you have to go to some places that you don’t have any interest in or sometimes you’re already done looking at a place or don’t have enough time at one place. But since this tour is personalized you can come and go as you please! Stress free and supporting local students is way better than giving profit to a tour company.

Megumi Nicole Sebata
from Japan