About us

Hometown – Da Nang Free Tour is an organization established on October 10th, 2015 with the aim of connecting tourists and local people in the city of Da Nang.

Moreover, we have a mission to connect tourists  with Local people and helps them vistit beautiful places that their should. For the tourists coming to Vietnam and coming to Da Nang, in particular, will have the opportunity to talk with the locals and learn more about geography and the history of our country. You will have ease of access to Vietnamese culture including tradition, customs as well as the lifestyle. Also, you can obtain some useful Vietnamese lessons available every weekend.

Especially, if you are interested in traveling with our local tour guides, we will provide you with free tours in a half day or a full day depending on your schedule. Almost all tour guides are students studying in different universities in Da Nang. We are friendly, sociable, open-minded, enthusiastic, and willing to learn; however, when you go on a tour with us make sure that you plan your itinerary.

You will have to pay for your food, drinks, and entrance tickets to our various locations. These locations include Marble Mountain and Hell Cave. Local citizens will have more realistic opportunities to practice their English speaking abilities with foreigners. In return, this will help us improve our communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.

Besides, we can further our knowledge of several different unique cultures and get to know people from all over the world. Last but not least, we can contribute a small part to the development of Vietnam’s tourism industry by promoting the image of the country and the city to international tourists.

Thank you so much ^^