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[ELEPHANT SPRINGS] The natural forest mountains that should never miss visiting.


👉You are so weary of the habitual places in Danang ??

👉You would like to experience something new ??

👉You want to wallow in the natural forest mountains.


ELEPHANT SPRINGS, a new place Hometown wants to introduce to you.


🌿🌿Famous for large elephant-shaped rocks, cool water flow and fresh air, Elephant springs are known for the wild beauty of natural forest mountains.


🌅🌅🌱🌱To reach the elephant stream, you can go through HaiVan Pass, a place where you can see the panoramic view of Da Nang City, TienSa Port, SonTra Peninsula, or LangCoBay and LapAn Lagoon … on the white sand bank.


🌈🌈🍀🍀Here you also immerse yourself in the clear natural swimming pool of Dam Voi located between two wonderful waterfalls to 30m2 wid

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